Our Vision and Values Ensure Excellence

vision-and-valuesOur mission is what drives us. At Seguí & Associates we believe everyone wins when the economy thrives. But taking risks is not easy. Our mission is to provide businesses with the insurance they need to grow successfully. It takes a personal commitment to see to our clients’ success and foresee the evolving needs of every company we serve, in order to make sure they attract the best talent and react quickly to market demands.

Our values are our guiding principles; they capture the essence of who we are and the spirit that drives our work performance. They are the foundation for the way we conduct our business, make decisions, and treat others.

Think Like a Client, Think Like an Owner

At Seguí & Associates, we are client-centered. We constantly strive to exceed our customers’ expectations. We envision ourselves as part of your team.

Productivity Enhancement Approach

While focused on our client’s productivity, we act promptly and avoid bureaucratic delays. Our agility sets us apart.

Innovate to Meet Emerging Client Needs

We anticipate our customers’ needs and provide innovative solutions. No one focuses on just one area of the market because in the breadth of experience comes innovation.

Act With Integrity, Honesty, Courage, and Mutual Respect

Integrity means doing what is right. It is about compliance with the law, as well as fairness and respect in our dealings with each other.

Seguí & Associates

We are an employee benefits, property & casualty insurance brokerage firm, dedicated to providing our clients personalized affordable solutions.

Our founder, Juan Carlos Seguí, began his career in the late ’80s as an insurance broker/human resources consultant. His leadership and innovative direction have enabled him to win the respect and satisfaction of all his clients.

We are a group of experts with over 100 years of combined experience in the insurance industry and in customer service.

Why Seguí & Associates?

  • Proven experience and reputation in the insurance industry.
  • Seguí & Associates provides a “one-stop shop” for our clients’ risk management needs.
  • We serve every client as our most important client.

How We Do Business

Any insurance agent can get you a quote, but at Seguí & Associates we focus on adding quality and value to your business through analysis, planning, implementation reviews, and predictive modeling.


Why Seguí and Associates?

Cost Containment Philosophy

We define a cost-containment program as a set of interrelated components that produce savings. Included among these components are: plan design techniques, professional review activities, administrative claim procedures, and educational programs.

Developed by Tony López Pagán