Important Business Solutions

Good and effective communication is good business. This is especially true when managing employee benefits. At Seguí & Associates, getting you the right employee benefits program is only part of what we offer our clients. The best benefit packages can be a wasted effort in planning without ongoing communication strategies.

Call Center Service

Who are your employees going to call? When they have a question or concern regarding their health plan, reimbursement procedures, claim status or 401K savings, the Seguí & Associates Call Center will only be a call away. It is a service tailored to your business. For your employees, it will be like an extension of your human resources office.

Human Resources Conferences

Seguí & Associates will provide your company a series of conferences that address key policy issues. Our goal is to share knowledge so that your employees understand changes in the law and the rationale behind the work environment policies and benefits programs.

Employee Communications

Keep your workforce informed about the benefits they have at their disposal and how policy and legal changes may affect them. At Seguí & Associates we prepare corporate updates on benefits tailored to each client.


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