Risk Assessment Solution

Risk Assessment Solution is key for understanding and helping your employees, as well as looking out for your company.


We assess and create a solution according to the risk assessment we carefully carry out. Maintain a healthy staff through a wellness program. Whether a gym, an incentive plan, or a nutrition plan, we will make sure your employees take care of themselves, while we take care of your health plan expenses.

At Seguí & Associates we forecast the future of your employees’ health and your company through extensive analysis, in order to encourage better eating habits and a better quality of life. Through a tailored wellness plan crafted according to the health of your workers, we make sure their health become savings and better lives for all.

The Risk Assessment Package includes:

  • Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) web-based and in paper format
  • Participant access to individual reports via Internet. Paper format reports will be sent to group representatives for individualized distribution
  • Group data analysis report (narrative and graphical)
  • General Health/Wellness recommendations based on population trends
  • Referral to Wellness article in Health Plan webpage, with direct link to Telemedik’s powered platform


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