Personal Insurance Packages

We combine policies that are usually issued separately as an insurance package that could include auto, home, boat, and excess liabilities, among others.

How is this alternative an advantage for our clients?

  • There is one effective date for all policies
  • All policies are wrapped up into one set of paperwork
  • Only one payment needs to be made, to one place

A personal insurance package with Seguí & Associates can offer additional discounts, combined deductibles, and an even greater security with the same insurance company.

We can tailor personal insurance packages to fit our clients’ lifestyle. These benefits simplify insurance by covering all needs under the same company. It also provides a wide range of options from different insurance companies. We always compare different alternatives to ensure we get the best deal.

At Seguí & Associates we advise clients to consider the following insurance programs:

  • Homeowners and Dwelling Insurance
  • Personal Package Auto
  • Jewelry
  • Personal Umbrellas
  • Personal Liability
  • Flood
  • Yacht
  • Fine Arts

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